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Keshte Pishro Baran Kood marketing Group, With the largest collection of manufacturing and trading & experienced managers, For many years, it has provided high quality products to our customers. The goal of this department is production, consultation, sales and marketing Organic fertilizers are rich & healthy soils, and ultimately healthy food for the general public.

Keshte Pishro Baran Kood marketing Group, is active in the field of agricultural inputs and manure producing machines In granular , plate and liquid forms.

It is able to provide the following goods and meet the needs of customers and traders in this field.

Fertilizer types:

  • All kinds of organic & chemical npk fertilizers
  • all kind of pellet manure, bulk manure & liquid chicken fertilizer
  • Varieties of powder humic and liquid humic acids
  • Single element fertilizers
  • Types of specific fertilizers for each plants & trees

Chalets and sulfates


  • Boiler
  • Conditioner
  • Press pelleting machine
  • Thermal Dryer
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Packer or filler bag
  • Granulating machine
  • mixer
  • Mill
  • & …


about Baran Kood

The company employs a young and energetic team for modern national and international marketing, And so far, with its ever-increasing efforts, it has been able to partner with a variety of well known domestic and global brands.

  • Agroteen
  • Tetaco
  • Kalin
  • Vorna
  • Kayer
  • Full max
  • Growfeed spanish
  • Agromore ozbak
  • Vollex Swiss
  • Five star Belgium
  • zigmafer poland
  • olofood france
  • & ….


The business scope of this business group is so high, It is also possible to work with different capacities in order to supply the raw materials required by the factories and fertilizer factories, as well as the supply of various types of machines and machines, and this has led us to make the field of cooperation create more with the economic activists in this area.


The purpose of this collection of economic activities in the field of fertilizers, In addition to providing a rich, healthy, sound agriculture, and finally healthy food production, creating economic prosperity, creating jobs and employing many young people in this direction.