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liquid humic acid organic fertilizer | Where to Buy Humic Acid ?

Did you know what is liquid humic acid organic fertilizer? Humic acid is an organic substance extracted from Leonardite. In fact, the remnants of all kinds of plants originate in the heart of the earth, During certain processes, depending on the different conditions, the residues of the plants become humic, The color of liquid humic acid organic fertilizer is dark brown and its constituents are in different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper and so on. we read about humic acid supplement, humic acid home depot and when to apply humic acid to lawns at the following.

liquid humic acid organic fertilizer | Where to Buy Humic Acid ?

Is humic acid good for plants?

Is humic acid good for plants?Some of the most important benefits of using acid humic in agriculture are as follows:

Benefits of humic acid on soil:

Acid humic fertilizer preserves the soil structure, making the material useful for the plant not to be washed and lost, Increases the activity of beneficial bacteria in the soil. This (the activity of the bacteria) supplies the plant with the materials it needs. Helps strengthen the soil structure of the agricultural land and make it resistant to erosion. Reduces toxicity of soil.

Benefits of Humic Acid on Plant and Tree:

  • Protects plants and trees from drought and dehydration, It helps to blossom trees, to germinate seeds, and to grow fruit trees and vegetables.
  • Protects the plant against water salinity and dehydration.
  • Protects the plant from cold.
  • Increases the resistance of plants to various diseases.
  • It speeds up germination of seed varieties of plants.

Humic acid for roots:

  • Increases the absorption of iron by plant roots and trees. (By the process of chelating the soil.)
  • Increases the absorption rate of other types of fertilizers used.
  • The system strengthens the roots of the plant to deliver the necessary nutrients to the plant.
  • Increases rooting rate of trees and plants.
  • Prevents some plant diseases that appear in the roots.

Other Benefits of Humic Acid Fertilizer:

  • Increases the yield of the plants and trees.
  • acid humic is an organic and non-chemical fertilizer and has no harm to plants, trees and the environment.
  • Increases the efficiency of horticultural and crop production.
  • A fertilizer is completely natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Unlike different fertilizers, it is more stable and durable in the soil.

Application of humic acid in agriculture:

  • Humic fertilizer as a strong and natural fertilizer has many uses for plant growth. It is used for trees, crops, orchards and flowers in the apartment.
  • Acid humic fertilizer is most effective in areas with calcareous or alkaline soils.
  •  Because iron makes the soil and other minerals attractive to the plant.
  • It is also used in hot and dry areas. Because it helps the microorganisms become more active inside the soil, which results in the plant’s growth in arid and dry areas.
  • Since it has a great impact on the growth and health of all kinds of trees and plants.
  • In dry regions of Iran, soil poverty can be partially offset.

Importance of humic acid in agriculture:

As we explained earlier, this rich and valuable material can revitalize crops and trees.

Among the functions of this organic matter are:

  • Strengthen the soil and increase its fertility
  • Strengthen the plant and especially its root
  • Control of plant diseases in the root
  • This results in greater and healthier product returns.
  • Therefore, agricultural experts recommend the use of this fertilizer in agriculture and gardening. Because it is also organic and has no harm to plants or the environment.

Application of humic acid for house flowers:

We explain most of the applications and benefits of acid humic, For example, humic acid is also useful for house flowers as it promotes flower growth, It is recommended to use humic acid for house flowers according to the needs and instructions for that flower to always have fresh and spicy flowers.

Humic acid importance for cactus:

Humic acid is more important for cactus and flower flats, Because flowers usually contain less soil volume in the pot.

The effects of humic acid on cacti include:

  • Increases the amount of cactus roots that can absorb nutrients easily into compact soil.
  • The process of photosynthesis in cactus improves.
  • Increases the resistance of cactus to heat stress and so on.

How to use humic acid fertilizer:

  • Due to the form of humic acid fertilizer, it is used in different ways. Including:
  • Spraying solution
  • Inject able solution in irrigation system
  • Dung manure
  • Impregnate the seed

Depending on the type of crop and plant, as well as fertilization time is one of the above methods, The amount of humic acid consumed in powder, liquid or granule and how often to apply humic acid depends on several factors. Including:

  • Type of crop, flower or plant
  • The age of the tree or plant
  • Soil type Geographical area

You should consider the amount of use given above, Because low usage will not work well and overuse may have adverse effects on the plant or tree, another usage of this fertilizer is humic acid for lawns, humic acid during flowering, liquid humic acid for lawns, granular humic acid for lawns and so on.

where can you buy liquid humic acid organic fertilizer?

where can you buy liquid humic acid organic fertilizer?We have used this product for years with fantastic results! Use in gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees, greenhouses, row crops, ornamental, and pastures. I apply this product weekly on all my greenhouse plants. Extracted from ground leonardite, and oxidized from lignite. Minimum of 80% humic acids, The need for humic acid fertilizer is usually provided by the agricultural sector through imports, Humic acid is generally imported into the country in the form of American humic acid, Turkish humic acid, Chinese and Ukrainian humic acid, each of which has its own quality and price, The price of acid humic fertilizer depends on several factors. Including:

Type: Granular, liquid and powder

Domestic production or imported fertilizer (usually foreign acid humic prices change to dollar price fluctuations), With the expansion of the digital space, many things have also become easier, You can apply for your online humic acid online through reputable websites, where to buy humic acid near me? It can also be obtained from agricultural supply stores that sells humic acid production of Iran.

who sells liquid humic acid organic fertilizer?

who sells liquid humic acid organic fertilizer?Green Grass Company in Italy, located in the northern city of San Giorgio, is one of the pioneers in the field of fertilizer production with specialized formulations for a wide range of flowers, To produce the new formulas, it first selects the raw materials needed in its advanced state-of-the-art laboratories and synthesizes and tests plant metabolism using modern academic systems, food and other useful materials, New formulas obtained in experimental fields, gardens and greenhouses are then carefully tested by agricultural technicians and experts with the support of European universities and research institutes, Finally, approved products for commercialization are registered and introduced. In this regard, Green Italy Company has called the slogan “continuous improvement” the main goal in the production of its products.

shopping center liquid humic acid organic fertilizer

shopping center liquid humic acid organic fertilizerThe various crops used today in human nutrition require nutrients to grow and thrive, and these nutrients are taken from the soil, But nowadays, due to numerous factors such as soil erosion, global population growth and long history of agriculture and crop varieties, soils such as years away from human life lack nutrients and minerals to grow plants and trees, That’s why fertilizer by-product technology, called fertilizer, has emerged in the field of agriculture for many years and has come to the aid of the agricultural industry, Fertilizer is referred to as any material that helps to strengthen and fertilize the soil of the crop, One of the important fertilizers used in plants is humic acid, Humic acid is a natural polymer of acidic H + agents having benzoic and phenolic carboxyl positions (cation exchange sites), It is a complex organic macro molecular acid that is formed by chemical and bacterial phenomena in the soil and is the end result of the humidification process, In many villages and towns of Iran from north to south and from west to east, cultivation of plants such as wheat and barley and cultivation of tree species ranging from apple and yellow plum to pomegranate and oranges and other fruits and citrus are common.

Iran, with high climate variability, is known as a country with four seasons in which there are all kinds of vegetables, safflowers, fruits and citrus fruits all year round, In spite of all the economic problems and sanctions, the agricultural industry is still the leading and efficient industry in our country, That is why the sale of all kinds of agricultural equipment and fertilizers is very prosperous, There are many fertilizer dealers in Iran that are active in supplying and selling different types of fertilizers.

biggest wholesale humic acid organic fertilizer

biggest wholesale humic acid organic fertilizerThe sale of fertilizer in Mashhad is very high because it is one of the major cities of Iran and agriculture is very prosperous, For this reason, many suppliers and agents in the city are involved in supplying, producing and distributing fertilizer so that they can provide their crops with the needed fertilizer and Produce and market high quality product.

There are many fertilizer producers in the country, Fertilizer in general produced as fertilizers, organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers, One of the common uses of these fertilizers is to grow and grow herbal products, Farmers are very familiar with the types of fertilizers because they use the varieties of fertilizers produced each year to fertilize the soil and grow plants.

The composition of the varieties of fertilizers produced is different, meaning the percentage of each element is different, Buying and selling different types of fertilizers is done in person and online, The in-person purchase of this product is done through its distributors at the fertilizer sales market and is available online from online stores around the country, Various samples of fertilizers that are widely used in agriculture are available for customers in online stores, With a simple internet search, this product’s online stores are available to customers.

Wholesale fertilizer can be ordered online for all customers, Fertilizer customers, especially farmers, can use this product to order online at online stores to buy this product, Using the online ordering of fertilizer purchased with any quantity and type of order as soon as possible, the home door will be delivered to customers,  One of the advantages of buying fertilizers online is that by eliminating the cost of buying fertilizers, you can buy different types of fertilizers at cheaper prices.

Cheapest Wholesale Humic Acid Fertilizer In The World

Cheapest Wholesale Humic Acid Fertilizer In The WorldThe price of fertilizer varies depending on the type of fertilizer and how much it buys, Therefore, it is possible to get a price by going to shopping centers and markets, Fertilizers are generally substances used to fertilize and strengthen them, These substances help to grow more of different plants and increase the amount of crop, These fertilizers are manufactured in various factories and industrial complexes and are marketed, Packaging of these fertilizers is carried out in bags of specific weight that farmers purchase depending on their land requirements, The types of fertilizers are priced according to the type and amount of use, The price list of these fertilizers varies from year to year and may be associated with price fluctuations.

Who Sells Cheap Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer In 2019?

Who Sells Cheap Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer In 2019?In Iran, many professional manufacturers can be found that produce and market various types of fertilizers, including humic acid fertilizer, These suppliers have been able to collaborate with their customers in different cities and provide the best humic acid fertilizer, Therefore, these companies strive to deliver better product and utilize the knowledge of the day, When a specialized company works to produce the best humic acid grape fertilizer, Undoubtedly, they take into consideration the climatic conditions in different regions of Iran and take this into consideration.

Humic acid fertilizer can be seen as a breakthrough in the agricultural industry, Because as its name implies, it is very complete and can be used to its best advantage,  These fertilizers are produced in specialized ways and will have a good impact on all types of crops and fruits.

Manufacturers of humic acid fertilizer in Iran, using their knowledge, have been able to market this fertilizer fully enriched and first class and meet the needs of the global market, Production of these fertilizers has also increased the popularity of Iranian companies in the world market and is being demanded by the countries with their marketing.

Which Humic Acid Fertilizer Shops are Famous in the World?

Which Humic Acid Fertilizer Shops are Famous in the World?Man-made humic acid fertilizer market is expected to rise owing to its increasing use and beneficial impact on the cultivation and growth of crops. Another benefits associated in using this product are healthier plants and improved yields, better seed germination, enhanced nutrient uptake, accelerated chlorophyll synthesis and addition of organic matter to originally deficient soils.

On the basis of the crop types, It’s market is divided into fruits & vegetables, pulses & oilseeds and cereals & grains. It is widely applied in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. Among these agriculture sector is anticipated to fuel the product demand during the estimated years with rising awareness and benefits associated with the product.

Based on its application, this market is segmented into seed treatment, soil treatment and foliar treatment. Amongst, seed treatment and soil treatment is considered to be the fastest growing application segment with rising benefits associated in enhancing plant nutrients supply and improving soil quality for cultivation of plants. That size is expected to rise significantly with growing agriculture sector. Since the chemical industries are going under industrial and technological interruptions the product demand is likely to be driven by this factor.

The product manufacturers are mainly focusing on utilizing the alternative source of energy by using some unconventional production methods, which is predicted to generate innovative opportunities for the industry development over the longer period of time. Increasing awareness regarding humic acid’s role in improving the quality of soil and further enhancing the plant growth is likely to fuel the this fertilizer.

Being beneficial over other chemical fertilizers, humus compounds provide essential nutrients which foster the plant growth. Upsurge in government interventions regarding ecological products will boost the industry demand. Excess application of synthetic products on crops and soil leads to hazardous results which is considered to impel the industry. Also, low cost involved as compared to other product may propel that.

HAs and FAs are final breakdown elements of natural decay of animal and plant materials. They are formed through the biological and chemical humidification of animal and plant matter and through biological activities of microorganisms. They have complex molecule structure and normally they exist in oceans, peats, fresh water and soils. It is obtained in brown to black colour from the sedimentation layers of deep earth crust which are referred as Leonardite.

North America  fertilizer (man-made humic acid) market is the largest industry and is expected to be the same over the forecasted years. Intensifying technological disruptions in chemical industry in the region will anticipate the market. Easy accessibility of raw materials and technological advancement in producing this acid will foster the industry demand. Also, soaring awareness in using these products and expanding number of manufacturers and consumers in the region will have a positive impact on the industry size.

Europe fertilizer market is second largest region and is expected to witness the same strong development in the region. Research and development activities involved in meeting the specific customer needs and demands will stimulate the market. Moreover, increasing farming industry in central and western Europe will encourage the industry growth.

Asia Pacific  humic acid fertilizer(man-made) market is the fastest rising industry owing to surge in organic farming industry. Increasing demand for higher productivity from limited available cultivable land in the region will augment the industry growth. Additionally, rising government norms on utilizing eco-friendly products will reinforce the industry demand. Growing awareness in using this product in farmers will further enhance the fertilizer market (man-made humic acid). Also, government subsidiaries and initiatives to promote organic farming in several countries will flourish the product demand.

Global market of man-made humic acid fertilizer is considered to be moderately fragmented. Some of the prominent players present in the market across the world are Humintech, China Green Agriculture, Xinjiang, Double Dragon, Nutri-Tech Solutions, Jiloca Industrials, ODUS, Vellsam Materials Bioactivas, Omnia Specialities, Canadian Humanlite, Arihant Bio Fertichem, HCM Agro Prodcuts and Grow More.

How to Identify Original Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer?

How to Identify Original Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer?Most humic acids on the market mix with a large amount of urea, so a sharp ammonia odor is present as soon as the gallon door is opened, A high quality humic acid has no odor, Also, shortly after using this type of humic acid (mixed with nitrogen) high growth due to nitrogen fertilizer application occurs, And this makes the assumption that the combination is a good product, but not really.

Another type of humic acid available on the market is humic acid granule, which is actually coal powder that is bentonite and urea granulated and their consumption is very dangerous due to the presence of heavy elements because it results in 2 to 3 years after consumption.  Increased drying effect in the garden will result from the harmful effects of the heavy metals in them and should therefore not be used at all.

Estimates of Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer Rate in 2020

Estimates of Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer Rate in 2020Since its introduction to the Iranian market, humic compounds have made new successes in agricultural production, increasing the average income of farmers.

The most common use of humic in agriculture is as an enhancer of soil structure, The widespread use of humic acid throughout the world and in Iran has prompted manufacturers of such compounds to utilize these molecules in various ways to improve plant nutrition, relying on the remarkable capabilities of humic molecules.

It is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops. Humic acid can significantly improve the soil lacking organic matters, Base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer outside the root are all available. Generally, it is not suitable for seed fertilizer, Can be used as foliar fertilizer, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, please pay attention to the selection of appropriate concentration, When topdressing, be careful not to sprinkle on the heart leaves of crops to avoid burning seedlings.

Is Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer Profitable?

Is Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer Profitable?The use of humic acid has many benefits, some of which are:

  • Adding organic matter to soils lacking organic matter
  • Increase the rooting power of plants and trees
  • Helps improve nutrient uptake by plants
  • Increased production of chlorophyll and rapeseed in leaves of trees
  • Improve seed germination
  • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity inside the soil
  • Improving and increasing the fertility of soil and gardens
  • Maintain and enhance plant health and increase product production efficiency
  • The use of humic acid in irrigation plays an important role in the control of some root diseases.
  • Being organic and therefore healthy and safe for the environment, animals, plants and humans
  • Stimulants of plant enzymes
  • Increased antioxidant activity
  • It is a good source of phosphate and carbon and stimulates the microflora population. This results in a healthier soil with a balanced flora in healthy plants.
  • Helps reduce and reduce the toxicity of substances such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides and reduce toxic sodium.
  • Reduces soil erosion by increasing the coherence of fine soil particles.
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