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bulk humic acid | Humic acid manufacturers in Asia

Humic substances are some of the constituents in the structure of some soils that give the soil richness and blessings, resulting from a series of gradual mineralization reactions, and humic substances are essentially 90% -85% of the structure. Organic soils constitute high agricultural power. These substances are formed by the interactions that take place on the remains of animals or plants disintegrated in the soil. For more information on the benefits of this substance and the bulk humic acid purchase, follow us on the following article …bulk humic acid | Humic acid manufacturers in Asia

who are best humic acid manufacturers in Asia?

who are best humic acid manufacturers in Asia?Humic acid has been the focus of attention in Asia today and has a wide variety of applications in the industry.Many Asian companies produce granular humic acid to meet their country’s needs and trade.Iran , Turkey AND Japan are among the top 5 countries in humic acid production. The most important companies in this field are Asiaben & Servin Asia & Nippon Caiko Company.Nippon Caiko Japan Company was established in 1916 and is active in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural pesticides, dyes and so on. It is one of the major centers of humic acid production.Other major companies in this field are Dugal Istanbul Company,
Dugal Company was established in 1996 in Istanbul. The company supplies pesticides and other agricultural chemicals including humic acids. Quality products and technical support is what has made Dual among its leading competitors in Turkey and Asia, making it one of Turkey’s leading exporters.

Dugal is now recognized as a leading and reliable formulator in all pesticides, plant growth regulators, chelated micronutrients, and spray fertilizers and usable in drip irrigation.As a whole, the continent of Asia is rich in fertile soils and advanced in agriculture, but because of its high population and the urgent need for healthy crops, it is always striving to grow and modernize the industry. It is agriculture to meet both the needs of the people of the societies and a way to profit and trade their countries. Production of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers is also an important part of the agricultural industry and healthy crop production. Humic acid is also a very useful and profitable fertilizer for its productive societies, in addition to meeting the needs of its community to enrich the soil from the soil. Nutrients and high quality crops are a useful product for trade and profitability

where to buy bulk humic acid?

where to buy bulk humic acid?Nowadays, due to the development and modernization of agriculture and increasing population and increasing demand of society, various companies have been responsible for producing and importing needed products in this industry, including fertilizers and humic acid application rate. Since Iran is a arid region, nutrients in our soil are very low and it is essential to use this humic in agriculture and horticulture. To produce high efficiency products.Various types of agricultural fertilizer are used by farmers to enhance soil and increase crop productivity. Organic fertilizers have the least environmental hazards and are capable of supplying much of the plant’s needs. Humic acid fertilizer As the strongest organic fertilizer, it has a humus and slightly acidity properties

.Some of the most important companies that sell humic acid in bulk are some of the following:

Kimia Pars Shayankar is proud to offer buyers the goods on condition of analysis and with originality of raw materials at a reasonable and competitive price.

aL-fertilizer company is the first fertilizer production and internet sales company

Baharan company producing humic acid fertilizers especially saffron cultivation fertilizers

Including European and foreign companies:

Ziegler German company

Ziegler company in Bavaria, Germany has started its activity in the field of fertilizers since 1989. This company as a producer and supplier of fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse and … in liquid and solid types with decades of experience and experience and use of specialists in the field of producing quality products and obtaining quality certificates. The product from the most prestigious laboratories based in the European continent and receiving relevant standards from the European Union has been able to export its manufactured products under the Plantop brand to more than 40 countries, which has made it one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of products. Become a continental European fertilizer.

Humic Groot Solutions Company

Humic Groots Solutions, a Florida-based company, is the largest and largest producer of liquid humic acid application rate and organic products in the world, with 7 manufacturing plants and proprietary technology in the US and Canada.
Organic products containing the most unique humic acid produced from the world’s finest Leonardite mine, enriched with other elements.
Made from the finest raw materials, tested in the most modern and equipped laboratories in the world.
Highly soluble in water, without any precipitates or suspensions

Lubin Spain

LABIN, located in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the largest organic and chemical fertilizer companies established in 1948. The company has expanded its ideas in the field of balanced plant nutrition by producing various products. Currently the products of this company are distributed and consumed in France, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Algeria, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Turkey, Iran and …

who sells humic acid in bulk?

who sells  humic acid in bulk?Because humic acid is produced in humate fertilizer suppliers with complex structure, testing and performance, individuals cannot produce it alone in homes or small workshops. These companies produce these products and sell them to malls and shops and these fertilizers are available in stores. Some of bulk fertilizer suppliers also have online shopping sites where you can order your product online and Get it later.

Which Countries Are Producing Humic Acid At Lowest Cost?

Which Countries Are Producing Humic Acid At Lowest Cost?Countries that are advanced in agriculture and have a modern agricultural industry produce more fertilizer to meet their needs, and fertilizer production is an important industry in these countries. These countries produce it at a lower cost because of high fertilizer production, including China, Spain and Iran, where the agricultural industry is an important pillar in their economies, and the community is in great demand for crops, poles and consumables. has it. And thus the creation of large fertilizer factories and agricultural tools. They produce these products at a lower cost and more costly than necessary to overcome the needs of their community and benefit their business.

How To Make Profit From Selling Humic Acid?

How To Make Profit From Selling Humic Acid?Agriculture can be very lucrative if it is based on world-class methods. Producers have long been able to make fulvic acid for sale, a type of agricultural fertilizer, that can bring about a change in cultivation, especially in lowland and saline lands.In fact, muodiemics are a wide range of various organic-inorganic compounds such as amino acids, peptides, phenols, aldehydes and nucleic acids in association with a variety of cations that have produced a very complex and wonderful compound that can perform many millions of years in nature and in nature.

That is not comparable to any other compound.
The use of chemical fertilizers is becoming obsolete today due to their harmful and harmful effects on the environment, which is why humic acid has received special attention around the world, and has a wide variety of applications in industry and agriculture, and its annual consumption. An average of 25% is added.The use of humic acid in crop production is of great importance due to its high potential for ecological use and its high ability to regulate nitrogen and resist pests and to increase plant growth. The use of humic acid increases the agricultural potential of the rural lands.

Soil fertility increases from 12% to 70% which no longer requires the use of harmful hormones. The most important advantage of using humic acid is to achieve a very high standard of productivity and high quality. Chemical fertilizers are not possible. In addition, the use of these fertilizers decreases annually throughout the world due to their chemical and sometimes toxic effects. However, organic fertilizers, such as Homiran, are becoming more and more common.

So, given the great benefits and importance of humic acid, it can be said that due to the high yields and low losses that societies need to buy and consume this fertilizer daily, it can be profitable to produce and export it efficiently, because As the population grows, societies’ demand for agricultural products grows, as does the need for fertilizers and agricultural tools, so high production and export can help improve the economy of society and individual profit.

Does Ordinary Humic Acid Shops Sell Them In Bulk?

Does Ordinary Humic Acid Shops Sell Them In Bulk?Effects of humic acid:

  • Increase product
  •  Increase the absorption of nutrients in the soil (complexation with iron, zinc, manganese and their use for the plant)
  •  Increase root growth and expansion
  •  Activate plant enzymes
  •  Increase seed germination power
  •  Increasing plant resistance to environmental stress (cold, heat, pests and diseases)
  •  Improve soil physical and chemical properties (increase water storage capacity, increase activity of microorganisms and improve soil structure)

Amount of humic acid consumed by ferritic liquid:

Foliar solution: 5 to 10 liters per hectare
Soil consumption with irrigation water: 10 to 12 liters per hectare or 50 cc (one foot) per tree.
Humic acid intake of ferritic powder:
Soil Consumption (Crops): 8 to 12 kg / ha
Soil Consumption (Garden Plants: 5 to 10 kg / ha
Foliar solution (crops and orchards): 300 to 500 g per 100 liters of water (with 3 to 4 times repeated during growth)
With irrigation water (all plants): 8 kg / ha

3 Reasons To Buy Humic Acid From Wholesalers

3 Reasons To Buy Humic Acid From Wholesalershumic acid research: Still, a large percentage of traditional retailers prefer to buy because they do not want to take the risk and get a high number of poor quality products. There are so many scams in the online world that they can’t even look at or touch their eyes before buying a product. However, because of the great flexibility and affordability that online shopping has, many successful retailers in the market also prefer to shop online. Here are the benefits of major online shopping:

The main reasons for a major online shopping priority are:

  • Comparison is easy!

    When deciding to buy something, the first step is to compare the quality and price of the same product from several different vendors. Because you always have to buy the lowest quality material at the lowest possible price. If you want to shop with a physical presence, you have to go to individual retailers to compare their prices and quality, which is very time consuming and does not have a definite result as you can often go to two to three wholesale and make your decision. Get limited information. If the Internet allows you to easily compare a large number of offers with just a few clicks.

  • Saves you time and money!

    When you purchase a physical from a wholesaler, you pre-plan to go to the wholesaler one day, sometimes going to no avail and making no purchases. It just wastes your time. This way your shipping cost, which is part of the purchase cost, will also increase. Instead, compare the price, features and quality of each wholesaler within an hour or two of your computer, and record your order.

  •  Enjoy shopping at your comfortable home!

    Another major advantage of online shopping is the convenience of shopping. For example, in general, just go to the website and log in with your username, fill your shopping cart with all your favorite products, and pay with your bank account. Your order will be sent to the supplier immediately. Deliveries are also available at your doorstep and you will be relieved of the hassle of loading and unloading. One of the benefits of major online shopping is that it has no time limit, it operates 2 hours, 2 days a week and 2 days a year.

  • Finding rare items makes it easy!

    When shopping online, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Sometimes your strategy requires buying specific or scarce items that aren’t available in every wholesale store. But if you look for it on the Internet, you will find a supplier that has that item.

How To Choose Cheapest Humic Acid?

How To Choose Cheapest Humic Acid?Humic acid is one of the most expensive types of agricultural fertilizer as a modern organic fertilizer. Nowadays, humic acid fertilizer consumption is widespread in developed countries due to its remarkable characteristics such as no harm to plants, high levels of nutrients and no harm to the environment. There are various types of Iranian and foreign humic acid fertilizers in solid and liquid form in the Iranian market which we consider their price and characteristics.


Price of humic acid powder:
Powdered humic acid as a solid and concentrated type of humic acid has the highest nutrients for plants. For this reason, the price of humic acid powder is higher than other humic compounds. There are various types of humic acid powder produced domestically or imported in the Iranian market.

Price of humic acid liquid:
Liquid humic acid is obtained by diluting humic acid powder. Basically, liquid humic acid is produced to add chemical fertilizers such as urea, NPK, and so on. Since the purity of humic acid is much lower than that of the solid, it is also of a lower price.

Cheapest Humic Acid Market In Iran

Cheapest Humic Acid Market In IranThe humic acid produced in Iranian factories is made from the finest raw materials (Leonardite and chemicals such as caustic soda and potassium hydroxide). Among the remarkable features of Iranian humic acid fertilizer can be mentioned:

  • 100% solubility in water
  • High purity of product (70-75% humic)
  • Have enough fulvic acid and potassium
  • Ability to pack on buyer’s order
  • Much cheaper and more affordable than external humic acids

Why Importing Humic Acid Is Easy?

Why Importing Humic Acid Is Easy?Due to the lack of sufficient knowledge for producing high quality humic acid in the country, it is usually the agricultural sector’s need for humic acid fertilizer to be supplied through imports. Humic acid is generally imported into the country in the form of American humic acid, Turkish humic acid, Chinese and Ukrainian humic products, etc. Each of which has its own quality and price. Also the type of packaging and conditions of use of different types of external humic acid are different.

Nowadays, as the benefits of humic acid soil application are revealed, farmers are inclined to use this fertilizer. The high level of nutrients in humic acid fertilizer along with its non-toxicity to chemical fertilizers, low consumption and different fertilization methods have all been the subject of modern agricultural tendency to humic acid fertilizer. Humic acid increases plant root volume and increases crop yields and improves its quality.

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