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organic fertilizer manufacturing process | Exporting fertilizer in Iran

Organic fertilizer has a natural origin and without any artificial additives. There are too many issues about organic fertilizer the most prominet ones are how to make organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer production project, organic fertilizer production at home, fertilizer business profitability, types of organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer for vegetables, homemade organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer ingredients, advantages of organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer manufacturing process as well as effects of fertilizer on plant growth. 

organic fertilizer manufacturing process | Exporting fertilizer in Iran

How is fertilizer produced?

How is fertilizer produced?In fact, these types of fertilizers have carbon based fertilizers and are a living survivor or dead survivor. The remains of plants, animal manure, or a combination of both are considered as organic fertilizers as well. 

During the treatment of organic manure in the garden, the pests along with the fallen leaves, the fruits of the shed, and the weeds were collected from the level of gardens. In this study, valuable materials, called organic manure, were prepared and returned to the garden in order to adjust the soil structure and texture in order to regulate the ph and release of many essential elements of the plant.

In order to prepare organic manure, at a suitable location from the ground garden, the width of at least 100 meters depending on the amount of materials will be selected. The ground is excavation depth of meters. In order to prevent the collapse of the walls with iodine, it is attempted to keep the materials in contact with the soil.

The internal resources of organic manure preparation are as follows. Falling leaves at the garden level, weeds, fruits and vegetables. Foreign sources of organic manure are grains of straw, corn, shawl, etc. Materials with large size are not suitable for this purpose and should be crushed at least 10 cm. All plant material and urea are mixture of 1%, phosphate fertilizer 1% and animal manure at least 48%. The materials were then stored in silos. Whenever the height reaches cm, a thin layer of soil is added to it. The moisture content of the dryer must be as follows: It was then covered with nylon. 

How do I start my own organic fertilizer business?

How do I start my own organic fertilizer business?From the point of view of investors, production of organic fertilizer production line needs to pay attention to many factors, such as planning and design, production technology and market analysis. you also need to record your company, find the location of the organic fertilizer plant, pay attention to packaging and design a marketing strategy. moreover, we should seek support for the government or financial support. It is important to choose the right place. Since there may be unpleasant odours, you must notice the factors before starting an organic fertilizer line. Now let us offer a special proposal that can help you start your organic fertilizer production project and then open the business to maximise profits in the shortest time. The main objective of the fertilizer plant is to produce and sell organic fertilizers which use different materials including organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plant growth. Before starting an organic fertilizer plant, you need to study local organic materials. To conduct a survey of the information needed to build the plant, for example the type of raw material, the transportation and transportation methods and the transportation cost.

How could we prepare organic manure?

How could we prepare organic manure?In order for the organic manure to be prepare and processed, the following steps must be observed one after another:

Be aware that animal fertilizers are not fully and accurately processed by adding chemicals urea and adding moisture piling and pouring soil or wind sand, but only straw and some of the seeds of the grass present in it.

In case urine, parasites, fungi, insect larvae, diseases, infections, different infections, and often the seeds of grass that need to decay above 55 degrees Celsius and cause pollution and the environment and cause problems that you know well.

In the meantime, the fertiliser of the urea itself is highly saline and fertilizer which is due to the existence of urine as well as the water which are salty and bitter because of their low levels.

Do you expect them to work miracles and solve all existing problems and overcome all problems as described above?

Eventually, you are going to their aid by chemical pesticides harmful, carcinogens and dangerous chemicals, provided that Sam is causing the organism of trees, agricultural, farm, and greenhouse products that are caused by spraying, and you will see and end with it.

The process of preparing organic manure and the processing of animal fertilizers is systematically and correctly.

Distribute animal manure at the foot of the garden, the farm, or the greenhouse with a thickness of 1 metre thick.

For each 1,000 kg of animal manure, you prepare 150 kg, sulfur ore, locally thin, and sprinkle on the surface of an animal fertilizer.

Then mix them together.

At the end of all animal fertilizers mixed with sulfur sulfur in order to start the process of animal fertilizers.

Only 12 days give the sulfur sulfur the opportunity to process and process them and never again, before 12 days.

After 12 days, take the center of the center to the bottom of the hole and get it out of the centre of the pile of animal fertilizers processed and touch it with your hand and feel its temperature.

Then give some of it to the lab lab approved by the country’s Institute of Soil Research and Water for the following tests:

The amount of organic organic matter that exists in the sulfur minerals.

The amount of calcium soluble in sulfur minerals.

Measurement of microbial population of animal manure (microbial population of fertilizer).

Sodium (salt)

Food elements released by mineral sulfur.

Have a full explanation of the results and performance of animal fertilizers processed by sulfur ore from the experts of the same laboratory.

What chemicals are in fertilizer?

What chemicals are in fertilizer?Organic fertilizers contain different types of nutrients. Abundant minerals can improve microorganism activities and keep the fertilizer effect stable. Organic manure can not only provide the nutrient requirements of sustainable growth, but also improve soil physical conditions, temperature and gas to ensure soil maturity.

Organic matter can improve soil physical and chemical properties considerably. This can improve soil fertility, soil infiltration capability, water storage capability, fertility ability and drought resistance. The superiority of organic manure is irreplaceable.

China is always a well known agricultural country, with a long history of agriculture. China also has long term accumulated experience in the field of fertilizer development. Organic manure always occupies an important position. Organic manure plays an important role in agricultural production.

Organic fertilizers contribute to agricultural production.

This can improve the fertility effect of combined soil.

This can improve soil quality and microbial production. Beneficial microorganisms in organic manure can help to increase germ waste. In this case, we can reduce the use of pesticides. If we continuously use organic manure, it will be harmful to the organism. A new unsaturated soil environment is possible.

Organic manure contains a large amount of nutrients, dilution elements, sugars and fats that are essential for plant growth. Carbon dioxide released by organic nutrients can be used as a material for photosynthesis.

Organic manure can improve the fight against disease, drought and floods.

This can improve safety and protect our food environment.

This can use nutrients and improve the use of fertilizer. Product performance will be significantly improved.

The benefits of organic manure explained that this is negligible. In comparison with fertilizer, organic manure will be unidirectional in the future. Organic manure, due to low cost of crop production and environmental pollution has a large share in sustainable agricultural development.

What are the types of organic manure?

What are the types of organic manure?The fertilizer is simply multi vitamin and is the food aid of plants that farmers use to strengthen and cure more products as well as soil nutrition, which are divided into three categories, depending on the properties, origin and material.

Organic fertilizer, also known as organic fertilizers, has a natural origin and without any artificial additives. In fact, these types of fertilizers have carbon based fertilizers and are a living survivor or dead survivor. The remains of plants, animal manure, or a combination of both are considered as organic fertilizers. 

Organic fertilizers are not harmful to the soil as chemical fertilizers are harmful to the soil so that the plant does not harm the plant.

Organic fertilizer is used to grow vegetables, grow wheat blossoming, and green grass. It is also suitable for the strengthening of newly planted seeds, young plants, and even adult consumption.

Organic fertilizers have different qualities, and therefore, the effectiveness of each on earth is different. There are a total of three kinds of organic fertilizers. From a far distant past, farmers found that there are animals such as horses, cattle, sheep and chickens, the plant has a better growth, and since it has always been used in animal manure to grow the plants. Today, human manure is also a special place among farmers.

In addition to supplying the required materials, animal fertilizers have excellent soil properties such as increasing permeability and water retention, high pH of aeration, aeration and also increased soil biological activity.

One of the old methods in increasing soil fertility is that, prior to growing the original product, it planted another type of plant and harvested it when it comes to green. In fact, the purpose of this work is to utilize the benefits of the plant, otherwise no crop will be harvested and there is only a better condition to plant the original product and the physical properties of the soil. The plant should consist of rapid growth characteristics, minimum amount of water and fertilizers, as well as the soil required to create the grean substance.

What are examples of organic fertilizers?

What are examples of organic fertilizers?The most important thing for the realization of organic fertilizer production is to realize an uninterrupted supply of organic raw materials. Given the characteristics of volume and difficulty in transporting raw materials, it is better to install an organic fertilizer plant in sites with sufficient organic materials such as large livestock, farms, etc.

In the process of organic fertilizer production, many organic materials are available, producing abundant organic matter as the primary raw materials of their organic manure and refuse other organic raw materials or average chemical elements such as organic fertilizers, such as the plant’s organic manure, near a farm.

who exports fertilizer in Iran?

who exports fertilizer in Iran?Organic fertilizer exporters in Iran are fertilizer plants. As organic fertilizers are exported to countries like Turkmenistan and Iraq, plants based in these cities are also among those exporting organic fertilizers. In other words, plants in the Gonbad Kavous City and Kermanshah are the main exporters of organic fertilizer.

Cheapest Wholesales of Organic Fertilizer

Cheapest Wholesales of Organic FertilizerThe purchase of a major fertiliser is possible from many places. You can buy the kinds of fertilizer in bulk and take advantage of it.

The chemical fertilizers are divided into two main categories:

White fertilizers, which are effective for plant growth.

Black fertilizers which are also widely used for plant growth and soil resistance to diseases.

These fertilizers were made up of a variety of materials. You can prepare yourself in presence and non presence of fertilizer by referring to different shops. Wholesale fertilizer purchase wholesale sales of various kinds of fertilizer. The market for selling fertilizers of fertilizers has been made by farmers since ancient times and still has. Farmers today use three kinds of fertilizers to fertile fertile ground, including:

Chemical fertilizer

Organic or organic fertilizer

Biological or green fertilizer

The squatters try to use the best fertiliser.

Iran is a country where agriculture speaks first. In many cities, you see agricultural lands and these fields need fertilizers to grow the plant. This indicates that the market for selling agricultural fertilizers is a good boom.

Top selling of organic fertilizers

The best selling fertiliser from organic fertilizers depends on what grounds they are being used. The land needs to be found and the materials can be found in most fertilizer fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are more likely to be used today . They apply for these items:

This indicates that each of the required fertilizers could be best described. Meanwhile, sales of urea fertiliser are also good. The fertilizer is used in a variety of places.

Minimum Costs of Organic Fertilizer Tradings in 2019

Minimum Costs of Organic Fertilizer Tradings in 2019Organic fertilizers have various prices that can be obtained through its supplier sites. The required specifications are:

High humus and water holding capacity;

Growing plant growth;

Increasing plant resistance to pests and diseases and enhancing the quality, color and size of seeds;

No smell and pollution.

Exporting Organic Fertilizer Companies 2019

Exporting Organic Fertilizer Companies 2019The production unit with an annual capacity of 360,000 tons of organic manure had created jobs in two jobs. The director general of the caspian project of Gonbad Kavous City went on to emphasize that the production cost of the unit, which is eight kilometres long, went on to transport the production unit which had been set up at eight kilometers.

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