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humic acid liquid manufacturer & exporter all around the world

humic acid liquid manufacturer can be a good exporter, & send organic liquid humic acid, all around the world for Consumers.

The exwork price of organic liquid humic acid in the market is determined by the type of quality and its concentration. but humic acid liquid manufacturer & exporter give fob & fco price for any country.

humic acid liquid manufacturer

humic acid fertilizer price

The price of powdery humic acid and purely organic liquid in the market is determined by the percentage of analysis and quality.

How to use, the quality and the price of various types of humic acid can be obtained from a specialist dealer. Purchase prices of various humic acids in marketing is more than factory, so the customer can rich humic acid fertilizer with high quality & good price, from manufacturer.


humic acid liquid manufacturer

How to use different types of humic acid:

The amount of Humic acid in different farms and gardens varies with each other according to the soil texture. Humic acid manure can be used in various ways, including irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and spraying.

  • The fertilizer was dissolved in the reservoir water and placed in the path of irrigation.
  • In some cases, the spray can be sprayed with spray nozzles.
  • Another method is direct use of fertilizer in the soil.

humic acid liquid manufacturer



Effects of humic acid manure on agriculture:

Most soils have become poorly cultivated in succession and poor chemical fertilizers have become poor and their texture has become hard. but using humic acid Continuously and regularly Helps to improve the soil structure. These changes include the following.

  • humic has some fulvic acid that can control salty & ph in soil & water.
  • The hardness of the soil disappears and its texture is lost
  • Soil softness increases rooting.
  • The absorption of food sources in all crops increases up to several times.
  • Fruit resistance of trees and plants is very high against environmental stresses.

humic acid liquid manufacturer

all type of humic acid:



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