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Prices of liquid chicken manure in the market

Prices of liquid chicken manure in the market, it Depended on the analyze & percentage of elements in it. Mostly observed that Different types of liquid fertilizers buy & sell in market about 8 to 15 dollar. if you buy it from ex work you can pay half the price.
Prices of liquid chicken manure

Effects of liquid chicken manure:

  • Transmission of all Micronutrient to the plants & treess in a short time.
  • Enriching the soil of farms and gardens
  • Increasing flowering in plants and trees
  • Increase in fruiting & high Tonnage
  • Raising resistance to pests and weeds

Prices of liquid chicken manure

what is liquid chicken manure:

liquid chicken manure is nutritional supplements which has all 13 main and secondary elements required for the soil This fertilizer can be considered as a complete food, and It used for vegetative growth of the root, plant aerial parts, more flowering, more flower to fruit and increased fruit quality.

Prices of liquid chicken manure

is there humic acid in liquid fertilizer?

Some producers of chicken liquid fertilizers add a percentage of humic acid and fulvic acid to it, and it can change the price of fertilizer. Humic acid causes the soil to swallow and modify the shape of the soil, which helps to expand the root and absorb the food in the soil with further aeration.

Folic acid is very useful for those area that has high ph. In areas where soil or salt water is present, fulvic acid controls this salinity.

Prices of liquid chicken manure

all kind of package:

  • 1 Liters
  • 5 Liters gallon
  • 20 Liters gallon
  • 500 Liters gallon
  • 1000 Liters gallon

Prices of liquid chicken manurePrices of liquid chicken manure


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