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buy poultry manure & how to use

buy poultry manure it happen in many countries that has agriculture for gardens, it is widely established.

all farmer ask how to use it? before crop it should be put in soil, for garden it should be put in hole for each tree.

buy poultry manure

buy poultry manure has peak season, such as Autumn and winter.

In these situations, Due to high demand You should be careful of the profits. so its better to buy fertilizer from Famous vendors.

Types of fertilizer use in agriculture

  • for all type of garden like Citrus, Pistachio and Walnut, …
  • for all crops Including veg, Wheat, …

selling chicken manure fertilizer

do you know chicken manure?

it is an excellent food source for farms, But its different brands have different percentages. On the advice of herbalists It’s better to use its enriched form. Because Its elements are set according to the needs of the soil & all pathogens, insect eggs and weeds have disappeared.

buy poultry manure

Different types of poultry manure:

  1. Enriched poultry manure
  2. Placed bird manure
  3. Liquid poultry manure
  4. Mother chicken
  5. Do not sweat
  6. Fleshy
  7. Salon
  8. Powder
  9. Chicken Pellets
  10. Granulate
  11. Raw
  12. Bulk
  13. processed

Types of fertilizer loading:

Types of Bird, Bulk, Liquid and Bag load at 5, 10, 15, and 20 tons volumes.

buy poultry manure

Different kinds of packing manure:

enriched poultry fertilizer is packed in 25kg anti-light and anti-humidity ply three-layer or laminated bags .

liquid fertilizer packed in 20 liter gallons.

buy poultry manure



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